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Industrial Sources

Průmyslové zářičeWe deliver products for industrial applications, ionising radiation monitoring, etalons and standards of the following manufacturers:

Institute of Isotopes in Budapest is a manufacturer of a wide range of radiochemical agents, “in vitro” kits for diagnostics and sealed sources for application in defectoscopy. Ir192 sealed sources ( Gamma Radiography Sources ) used for non-destructive testing are the main product.


QSA GLOBAL (formerly AEA Technology) is important manufacturer offering both sealed and open sources and devices for radioactivity monitoring:

  • Sealed sources for industrial applications, defectoscopy using Co60, Cs137, Ir192, Se75, nuclides, etalons and reference Gd153 and Ge68 sources for adjusting SPECT and PET cameras
  • Open sources as tracing solutions and standards
  • Aparatures
    • Personal dosemeters
    • Contamination, dosing power input meters, beta secondary standard
    • Equipments for navigation surgery C-TRAK

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