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Science and Research

We supply a complete range of products of the US company MP Biomedicals at present. Besides the products of this company, we supply products of a great number of other worldwide companies and we focus on consumable material.


Offer of MP Biomedicals ( including QBiogene ( www.qbiogene.cpm).


  • 30,000 various chemical agents and other products


  • Radiochemicals labelled with 3H, 14C, 32P, 33P, 35S, 36Cl, 45Ca, 51Cr, 57Co, 125I
  • Stabilized IsoBlue™ nucleotides
  • Scintillation cocktails harmless for environment (Cytoscint, Ecolite, …)

Molecular biology ( here )

  • Kits for DNA marking and purification
  • In situ hybridization, FISU probes
  • Enzymes, membranes, cloning systems

Cellular biology, tissue cultures

  • CELLect™ sera and media for tissue cultures
  • Microbial media, serum-free media, animal sera
  • Mycoplasma – kits for detection and reagents for removal
  • Cellvation™ medium for freezing of cells
  • Medium supplements, chemical agents for tissue cultures
  • Antibodies for cellular biology
  • Insect and vegetable tissue cultures

Immunochemicals and kits

  • Primary antibodies, secondary antibodies
  • Western bloging, ELISA, RID
  • Reagents for Western bloting
  • Reagents and kits CappelTM

Reagents for neuro-sciences

  • ELISA kits of biogenic amines
  • Neurotoxins, hormones, neuropeptides, receptors, substances blocking receptors
  • Reagents for signal transduction, antibodies, enzyme inhibitors

Kits, solutions, consumable material

Laboratory aids, books, manuals