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Deliveries and Payments

Dodávky a platby Orders can be sent by telephone, post, e-mail, or using the form at the web page. In case of a telephonic (electronic) order and a consequent written or electronic confirmation order, please make sure to notify us that you are sending the order in two forms. Please make sure to state in the written (electronic) order e.g.: “The goods have already been ordered by phone (e-mail)”. You will prevent in duplicating orders in this way, thank you. The fact that both orders are always binding is the reason for this proposed measure. A written order is already a necessary formality of some customers or a confirmation of an already binding telephonic (electronic) order..


Terms for orders and deliveries:

  • Radiochemicals:
    • MP Biomedicals - Orders received by Friday are fulfilled next Friday. It is possible to place orders of a selected group fo radiochemicals by Wednesday of the same week with Friday´s delivery.
    • IZOTOP - Orders received by 1:00 pm Wednesday are fulfilled the same Friday.
    • Other suppliers - An individual delivery term will be advised to you after receiving your order.
  • Non-radioactive chemicals
    • Delivery terms of chemicals vary depending on availability on stocks. Delivery terms will be advised to you after receiving your order.

Method of delivery

Non-radioactive materials are supplied by our own vans or through a courier service directly to a workplace.


Invoices with maturity term of 14 days are sent upon delivery completing.


We will send you our quotation upon your request. You can find a pricelist of a select group of radiochemical here.

Bank connection

  • For the Czech Republic: KB Zlín, account No.: 1165549-661/0100
  • For the Slovak Republic: VÚB Bratislava, account No.: 1436847-012/0200