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Life science


MP Biomedicals

MP Biomedicals logo The company manufactures and sells more than 55,000 products and is one of the only companies in the industry to offer a comprehensive line of life science, fine chemical and diagnostic products.



MoBiTec logo Your partner for unique Two- and One-Hybrid-Systems, Phagemid Display, Genomic Libraries, DNA Vector Systems, Cell Biology and Antibodies, DNA and Protein Tools, Fluorescence Technology, Affinity Chromatography, and Lab Supplies


Cell Projects

Cell projects logo Company designs and manufactures high quality products used within the Life Science Arena, these include Electroporation, Transfection, PCR, qPCR, DNA Buccal and Saliva Collection, DNA Isolation and Optimisation Kits, Gap Junction and Intercellular Communication, and Signal Transduction Studies.


Isohelix - Cell Projects

Isohelix logo Isohelix is a division of Cell Projects Ltd which designs and manufactures a range of highly innovative Molecular Biology Solutions for Electroporation, PCR, DNA Sample Handling and other Life Science Technologies.



Porvair logo Porvair Sciences manufacture a huge range of microplates and related equipment.


BioPoint Scientific

Biopointe logo At BioPointe Scientific, we are committed to supplying our customers with products that meet the highest quality standards.


AG Scientific

AG Scientifics logo Innovative Biochemical Supplier for the Life Science Marketplace. Advancing disease research, biomarker optimization and diagnostic test development.


Oxford Genetics

Oxford Genetics logo Oxford Genetics is an IP-free synthetic biology company specialising in the production of modular DNA plasmids and the assembly of complex expression systems for both research and development of sophisticated molecular structures.


Nordic Immunological Laboratories

Nordic Immunological Laboratories logo The company offer a range of over 1700 products for fundamental and applied research of human and veterinary systems. It includes a unique series of polyclonal antisera against enzymes as unlabelled IgG fractions, biotin conjugates and affinity purified antibody fractions.



Cyagen logo Cyagen Biosciences Inc. as a leader in custom animal models and molecular biology tools, Cyagen prides itself on the mission of bringing outstanding-quality research reagents, tools, and services to the worldwide biological research community at highly competitive prices.



Cyagen logo Sicgen offers wide range of polyclonal antibodies and related products in Life Science research.



Accumax logo Fine Care Biosystems offers a wide range of high quality liquid handling equipments, which are characterized by simplicity, comfort and functionality with superb ergonomic design.



BioVisible logo BioVisible is specialised in fast detection and identification of micro-organisms using molecular biological techniques.



Echelon logo The company was organized to further the science of lipid cell signaling and critical metabolic enzymes, which provide new and viable targets for the development of potential drugs and diagnostics for cancer, diabetes, inflammation, infections, and cardiovascular disease.



Exiqon logo Exiqon operates in two business areas, Life Sciences and Diagnostics. Exiqon Life Sciences is a leading supplier of products for microRNA research. The unique value proposition of Exiqon Diagnostics is our ability to leverage the huge potential of microRNAs as a novel group of biomarkers with our proprietary LNA™ detection technology.



Exiqon logo Exalpha offers wide range of the products from the areas like are Proliferation & Apoptosis, Enzymes & Proteins, ELISA kits, GPCR, CD Antibodies and Clinical IHC Markers



Dextra logo The company aims to provide a comprehensive service in the synthesis, analysis and manufacture of carbohydrates. With over 1000 complex sugars available, Dextra is the most comprehensive source of products for exploiting the complexity and diversity of glycobiology.



Cypex logo Cypex products enable the expression of human drug metabolising enzymes in bacteria without the need for large modifications to be made to the proteins. Today their portfolio contains over 50 products covering human drug-metabolising enzymes (including 17 CYPs), 29 fine chemicals, and a range of antibodies.



Genisphere logo Genesphere offers products in the Array Detection, RNA Amplification and Signal Amplifiers.



Accurate logo Accurate has specialized in products for basic and R&D research as well as routine laboratory work. Accurate's market covers a broad range of customers and applications, serving government labs, university research centers, pharmaceutical laboratories, as well as hospitals, clinical and industrial centers.



Abcam logo Abcam makes their own antibodies as well as sourcing other excellent products from a variety of suppliers. This means Theky are able to add 600-800 new products every month.


Santa Cruz Biotechnology, Inc.

SantaCruz logo Company has focused on the ongoing development of research antibodies, biochemicals, labware and more recently has expanded into animal health care products.